Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pray for Justin

This morning Justin left at 6:30 as usual for his 24 hour shift. This is his 2nd month of the dreaded "desk". What this means is that he covers everything orthopedic related that comes into the ER at the Med. The Med is the busiest trauma hospital in the region and I think close to the busiest in the country. So, he stays very busy while he is there. He works 24 on and 24 off all month. This just wears him down. (I know some of you other ortho wives completely agree) Please pray that he will have energy to finish this month out. And that he will be able to think clearly at hour 20 and he will have patience with those who come in. I praise God for where he has brought us and I am so thankful to see how he continues to provide and give us strength to get through residency. Thanks for listening and thanks for your prayers!

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