Saturday, February 28, 2009

Copper Mountain

Well, Justin and I went to Copper Mountain, CO last week so I thought I'd post a few pictures. We had a great time. We went with another couple, the guy is in residency with Justin. And, we drove out there....all 17 hours! But, it was a great trip and a great break from work!
Justin is still hanging in there with residency. The last couple of months haven't been too bad but, he starts doing orthopedics in April and that's when his schedule is going to get crazy. I'm still working at the same clinic and even though it's not perfect I'm going to stick with it. I am just praying that if the Lord wants to lead me somewhere else that he will clearly reveal it to me.
It snowed in Memphis today, about 2 inches! It's a little funny that Justin and I pay lots of money to go out west to the snow and then we come home and have it in our backyard. But, seeing the mountains is well worth it.
I hope you are all doing well and I will try update more frequently!!