Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So Justin and I decided to take a little weekend trip to Branson, Missouri. We signed up for one of those things where stay in a nice hotel for very cheap but you have to listen to a presentation about buying a time share. So, we stayed at Bass Pro Shops Big Cedar Lodge. It was very nice but we weren't too impressed with Branson. We did some fly fishing for trout for a couple of days and it was so much fun. The lakes up there are so different from what we're used to. You can actually see the fish swimming around and not just mud colored water. I didn't catch anything but Justin caught a few thanks to an older gentleman we met while fishing. He decided to take us in and give Justin some pointers. And they worked! I've posted a few pictures of our lodge and us fishing. There is also a picture of this cute little restaurant in a tiny mountain town where we stopped to eat lunch on the way up there. There were very few fast food restaurants on those back roads through the mountains. It was so nice to get out of Memphis for a few days but sadly it's back to work tomorrow.